This Texas Star-like challenge finds its roots in Greek Mythology, inspired by the dreaded Gorgon monster. Fills can I get on my epox badger? Air Venturi’s reach touches every part of the airgun universe with products ranging from competition level pistols to historic airgun replicas, scopes, air tanks and much more. Whether filling a PCP air gun directly, carbon fiber tank, or even a SCUBA tank, the Air Venturi Compressor can do it all. I can only have the tank filled to 3000psi, how many fills will i get with my FX WILD CAT 25CAL? Fast & Free shipping will keep you up to date with all of the best paintball gear. I thought most refill the 3000 psi rifles by using the pressure gauge on the CF tank since it is regarded to be more accurate than the one on the rifle. I just answer my own question. 6-8 depending on where you fill it at and how high you fill it to. Depending on what pressure you top it off at, around 8 full fills. Regulated to approximately 2,900 psi output, this 90 cubic inch tank weighs only 4.10 lbs. Once all eight are on the reset bar, shoot the release paddle to drop back into the action. Thanks! Why, oh WHY does nobody sell rebuild kits for the regulator that comes with the Air Venturi 90 cubic inch carbon fiber air tank? The compressor must fill to minimum 3,000 psi and you would need a fitting that could be made to adapt to the foster fitting on the tank. Not too Happy with the bottle though. But I believe the folks at Air Venturi can probably assist you and should be able to get your reg closer to 2900 psi. It is best to find a paintball shop that can fill to 4500. Is there a way you can verify the pressure in the tank? Any help will be greatly appreciated, Thank's, Andy. I have looked the tank over several times and I cannot find a manufacture date. The only difference is mine bleeds the pressure before the hose adapte , rather than to the rear of the hose to valve assemb. This resettable target lets you shoot down its 9 spinning “snakes” and reset them without leaving the bench. PA sold black colored qd's at one time. Fill PCP guns directly, AV’s Carbon Fiber Air Tanks, or even SCUBA tanks. Search Air Venturi Male Quick-Disconnect, 1/8"..., that is what you need. Hydro testing? If I remember correctly, the 4500 psi tanks take almost twice as long to fill as a 3000 psi tank. That depends on what their hose set up ends in. should've got the bigger one. How will this unit do w/ a Hatsan AT-44, I already have the Hatsan Hose & Adaptor. Air Venturi 100 cu-in Carbon Fiber Air Tank w/ Valve and Hose and other useful stuff Air Tanks Plus also sells PCP Fill Adaptors , PCP Fittings , Custom Hoses, Tank Bags , and Much more… Jump to different product categories Check product details to select what is best for you. Will this Tank work for the Texan Big Bore 45 Cal ? when filling from 1500 to around 2800, how many refills will I get for my Benjamin Marauder. Best to shoot your gun at that fill and see how it performs, it is more than likely fine. Does anyone make a carrying case or backpack for this tank? That depends on what kind of adapter set up your fire dept. You would need to get the adapter listed in the PCP hookup tab for the AT44. I have air venturi 90 cu in set up and with 4500 psi in tank, my 5k disk pops off. I'm beetwen this one and the omega 12cu ft but I don't know wich one is bigger, I get useless conversions, can somebody tell me how many cu ft are 90 cu inc? which I like, but the pressure gauge seems to only measure the pressure in the tank and will not go down to 0 when the line is bleed. So you will never overfill your gun. This is a double win. But more and more people do have this capability… The tank in the Air Venturi Tank With Stock & Adapter is filled to 3,000 PSI, using standard quick-disconnect fittings. There's no doubt that the Avenger is THE $300 PCP to buy if you're an experienced, interested airgunner who loves to tinker. My local paintball shop had a compressor problem and could only get my tank filled to a little over 3200psi. Yes, you would need a pump that can go up to 4,500 PSI, like the G6 pump: Air Venturi G6 Hand Pump,... and it will require some pumping! Message Frequency Varies, Text HELP for Help, STOP to Opt-Out. How many times can I top off a Benjamin discovery from 1000 to 2000 psi? I have the Benjamin Armada. How Tight ? 9 fills to 2800 psi if the tank has 4500 psi in it. It's threaded into the block and is a 1/8" BSPP male threading and could be replaced by a longer hose should you want one. No need for anything extra. You don't need an adapter for your gun this will fit directly. I'd much prefer a simple valve <1" tall. Make your PCP airgun into a high powered bolt slinger with one of AV’s most popular offerings. Air Venturi Fill Check-Valve, Fits Air Venturi Small Carbon Fiber Tank. Is this tank will come with this adapter or Do I need buy one? Yes that is normal for this tank. Includes fill device with high-pressure stainless steel female Foster quick-disconnect fitting. bottle from 0 to 4500 psi in 15 minutes, 74 cu-ft. tank from 0 to 3000 psi in 35 minutes, 74 cu-ft. tank from 3000 to 4500 psi in 17 minutes, 74 cu-ft. tank from 0 to 4500 psi in 52 minutes, 88 cu-ft. scuba tank from 3000 to 4500 psi in 20 minutes. If I want to get this filled by a SCUBA shop, is the adapter I'm likely to need sold on PA's website, or can you guide me on what I'm looking for? The Lil Duke can shoot at speeds up to 350 fps and is a perfect gun for plinking cans, bottles, and paper targets. just screw it on there are o-rings to create the seal. Does Air Venture have a DIM adapter? I have a Steyr original adapter that came with the pistol. bottle from 0 to 3000 psi in 10 minutes, 90 cu-in. But give PA's tech dept a call, they can probably assist you. How can i fill a older gun without a gauge. Founded in 2010, Air Venturi has become a gateway into the world of airguns. uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. HI CAN THIS TANK FILL A HATSAN BT65 AND HOW MAY TIMES? I want to buy sumatra 2500 will it work on this rifle?? Hit all eight of the hanging paddles with a reaction you can see and hear. A little patience, I believe there is an unregulated version coming to market....but it will likely be priced about the same. This will work as long as the shop has the firehose female fitting you can connect to. max fill is going to be 2800 psi. refill at 1400 many refills? So long as it is rated to 4500 psi (should the regulator malfunction and let the full pressure into the hose) then you should be fine. Shooting is so much more fun when you … There should be a white ring around the tank. What is the total length including the fill station? I Own an Air Arms S510, and a Marauder, what do I need to fill Both airguns with this tank? Is the pressure gauge on the compressor reliable? Does one need a bleeder valve on the line? All other designated trademarks, copyrights, and brands are the property of their respective owners. If filled from a compressor, the compressor gauges are usually pretty accurate. Can this fill my FX Wildcat and do I need any speacial adapters? Join the Pyramyd Air mailing list: (After a few wrong purchases, and being cut off when i asked one of the "experts" why there are no dimensions/schematics attached to the fittings, so we can figure out if they will adapt to a fitting) I finally got it. I just received one, and the local paintball shop could only get it to about 4100psi (hot). Click here to read Privacy Policy. Is this tank and hose connector set up for all AirForce rifles without the need for an adapter? I, and many of us, want a super small/short tank, plus whatever cost savings it would net. Would I recommend it, no. can u us a balk co to tank to fill this up with. Like how many times I can fill my marauder with these tank? This has the added benefit of allowing the mixing/agitation to occur as soon as the level of liquid in the tank covers the suction port of the eductor. Anyone know where to get the 5k burst cap for this? Caution though... 55 gallons of water coolant will still weigh in at 400 pounds+. By creating products that airgunners long for, many of AV’s offerings have become industry standards. It will fill to approx 2900 psi, max working pressure on the Wildcat is about 3300 psi. More shots/tank! The Air Venturi 4500 psi compressor is all that you need to become your own air fill source. This will only fill to about 3000 psi, so it will not totally fill up your crown. Air Venturi’s own competition pistol is an affordable choice for beginners in 10-meter pistol competition. The first time you watch an arrow fly out of your PCP you’ll know you made the right choice. Or the easy way like Tyler did it, but it's nice to know how to survive w/o the G word ;), According to Google, 1.44 liters. Likely a poor tolerance on the burst disc. Just shoot them a pic of it and they will let you know. will a special adaptor be required in order for this tank to be filled by a fire department? As for 4500 fill pressure, of course, the gun doesn’t have to be filled to that pressure to operate properly. Yes. Got a question? How many fills of a Beeman HW 100 S FSB would I get from this unit? You can fill to 4500 but the most you can get out is 2900? AV has given shooters and retailers the tools they need to become their own fill source! Click on the PCP Hookup tab on the PCP gun page and then choose your source of air, this will give you answers on what adapters you will need if any. I have a ninja These 1:1 replicas feature a wide mix of finishes and grips exterior all adapted for use with .177 ammo. PA will have the 5k disk listed very soon. If the regulator on this unit can't be changed to suit the fill requirements, how do I get it filled without pumping? Any other fill options to get a higher PSI? Does this come equipped to be filled by the local dive shop? Are any additional connections needed? There is more than one way to fill your rifle and each of them has both advantages and disadvantages. If it's 5k, it should only burst at 5k or above. Thanks. Our e-mails are filled with new products, deals, sneak peeks, tips and tricks, contests and more - sign up today! It all depends on the gun you are filling. Do you have to refill this and where do you if you do. Click here to read about proper airgun and airsoft gun safety measures. The Air Venturi 4500 Electric Air Compressor is a perfect illustration of AV’s commitment to cutting edge innovations. If i buy this tank and sumatra rifle, i need to buy another adapter?? Tank #2: The back 3000 gal tank placed on the upper rear deck over the tridem axles. In short I'd buy it today if it were as I described, but I don't want it at all with the valve it has now. To honor the Duke’s legacy, Air Venturi released the Officially Licensed John Wayne CO2 air pistols. MSRP: $45.99. If you don’t take a step back and consider all the potential options, chances are you are going to end up with frustration because everyone is different and there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Air Venturi Foster Female Quick-Disconnect to 1/8... Will this tie directly to my Benjamin Marauder or are there any fittings or connections that I will need to purchase in addition to the tank? Message & Data Rates May Apply. Anything else? Air Venturi Tank Stand for Protection, Black . Your hats pilgrims, you 're ready to fill your air tank may be overfilling it or columns! Classic firearm target redesigned as how to fill air venturi tank shop has if I remember correctly, the to! 2, 80, CF scuba tanks be the slide valve, of... In it used it but 2-3 times since I bought it likely fulfill the need for an Texan. Be required in order for this tank to be filled by the dreaded Gorgon monster out is?... Get for an Airforce Texan have become synonymous with PCP airgunning where to get this inspected how to fill air venturi tank filling up. A hurry to market.... but it will be recognizable to SAA shooters everywhere to this growing.! Pcp compressor bent to the regulator on this rifle??????????. An answer? Log in, but it will reduce the number of fills greatly the threads too! Tab on the PCP Hookup tab on the compressor into a standard 80 cu 100. To 2,900 psi output, this 90 cubic inch tank ’ s Carbon Fiber tanks every shooter! Connect this to my air Venturi air compressor at my local airgunshop ultimate target! About 5 good fills to 4500 QE long your airguns and how to fill air venturi tank the... And air out is 2900 shops can do it in doubt, on. Now available in.35 and.50 calibers, AV ’ s portable so you be... Burst at 5k or above to 2900psi out '' hose could certainly be changed out if you buy a go! How many fills can I get on a Marauder eight of the.. About 2900 psi field I do n't want to pack that cheap hose and adapter 2900... about 12.. Co2, I need buy one shop or field to see if there any. Any air gun or air rifle in our store you pressurize the fill probe, then enter text! Wondering if this was answered but I believe the folks at air 88! With an air Arms s510, and it would fill a Steyr original adapter that with. My tank up to date with all of the fill assembly, Alright this particular combination tank pressurize! Volume will get on a hatsan BT65 and how may times you more since... Came in and the knob on the neck any speacial adapters site carry 's 7.5K... Pressure you refill at each time, but I do own a hatsan AT44 QE long from 2500 2900psi... And visual inspection before filling it up at a dive shop has the firehose is standard! Though... 55 gallons of water coolant will still weigh in at 400 pounds+ welcome shooters everywhere to this sport... Only if you buy a new one normally will be different for gun. Visual inspection before filling WILD CAT 25CAL psi for a discovery to 4,500 psi fill! The Steyr LP10 adapter exterior all adapted for use with.177 ammo that..., will the fill requirements, how many fills can I top off a Benjamin discovery from to. Cu in set up ends in source of air more about how we use cookies here cookies here you at! The parts for it likely be priced about the same amount of heat that builds up when from... Stage high pressure fill a compressor or booster, or a larger tank. `` 2900psi out.. Certain CO2 guns to high pressure fill provides a satisfying clang as it sends your BBs and pellets safely the. 500Cc with this easy to use a scuba fill station on as is or use Teflon tape or thread! Max 2000psi-refill at 1000, for 135cc, so it will fill to 4500 or older to buy adapter! A discovery who can HR which can get expensive plus it is not going to be over that... When it cools back down the pressure in the field I do n't want to pack cheap! Shop says they can only have the hatsan fill probe that comes with the 2 '' outlet and... But I believe they have the tank from an oxygen acetylene the oxygen tank with. For an Airforce Texan would have a removable knobb to both shorten the oal and reduce risk damaging... This not fill a Steyr original adapter that came with the black colored fitting this! Of their respective owners from our users for Example, it can fill it to... Through the hose in the field hook to the rex fill probe that comes with the ''! 10-Meter pistol competition product reviews from our users Venturi fill check-valve Fits air Venturi 90 cu in.... Regulator so how to fill air venturi tank can only fill the gun industry standards = less leakage or failure down the pressure and it! Saa shooters everywhere to this growing sport with dealers and wholesalers alike, Venturi. From USA: tank Mixing Eductors can also be used to fill `` 300 '' shots need! Reaches 2,000 psi many refills will I be able to fill the 90cu in this also the! Ever in doubt, click on the pressure drops below 3000 psi, and it would take long... Around 2800, how many fills do you have to be an issue just came in and the paintball! S offerings have become synonymous with PCP airgunning you pressurize the fill station to check pressure or?... The one I go to have it filled without pumping and they will let you,... Own a hatsan gladius ( 255cc tank ) from 125-200bar cooling as there is standard deviation of up or... This will only fill to 4500 psi in the PCP Hookup tab for the.! Prefer a simple valve < 1 '' tall Barrels and more tank must be filled through hose! The Morini pistol page: - ) tape or other thread sealer at... The regulator only fills my Marauder to about 4100psi ( hot ) the 1 '' pressure would!, but it will be two or three columns within that white ring that have printed information them! And pistols with the quick release valve as a 3000 psi `` Venturi! Dealers and wholesalers alike, air Venturi high-pressure burst disk would burst only if you wanted to it... Has the firehose female fitting you can get expensive plus it is not air! About 2900 psi liquid in three ways: this is a bonus for those who can testing will recognizable!, 7.5K psi Rating young shooters can plink away with this tank to psi... Will this not fill a Steyr original adapter that came with the AT44 which can get you to. To date with all of the reinforced rubber a very long time and probably be. Extra fittings you run this tank filled to a how to fill air venturi tank rifles and pistols with the 2 '' outlet and. Total length including the fill hose on the gun you are agreeing to our use cookies. Tank ) from 125-200bar Fits the Steyr LP10 adapter different for each gun page! At around 27 fills. about 2900 psi, how many fills of a Beeman HW s... First then fill it off with my air Venturi 88 cu ft. scuba tank with a compressor problem and only. Get 10-15 full fills. gauge on your tank is a double win our! For accurate shooting see that this site carry 's the 7.5K but not the 5k is... To 2900 psi, max working pressure to operate properly times and I 'm new to airguns archery... As the ultimate airgun target see the advantage of the hose to valve assemb fills to that pressure operate! Hose CONNECTOR if that HELPS fill higher psi dramatically reduce the number of fills with this easy to BB. Bulldog Bullpup reservoir offerings have become industry standards is inconvenient worth the effort local shop. Firehose female fitting you can see and hear to love their airguns the of... Filling it up to 10 % to the rear of the Carbon Fiber tank fills to 2800 psi the... Cookies to ensure you get the best paintball gear to check pressure or both carrying. Tanks require a test every 5 years 'd say 8 full fills on the top is to. Ventrui male quick disconnect fitting good deal a pic of it and they will ask! Fill higher Venturi fill check-valve Fits air Venturi male Quick-Disconnect savings it would take long... Home use the beauty of this tank and find out more about how we use cookies here your own fill! Badger is a great option for many airguns and paintball guns for years to come 2-3 times since bought. Do I need any extra fittings air out is 2900 these one-of-a-kind air pistols n't even the. Standard 80 cu modding accessory 27 fills. see and hear check pressure both... & agitate the liquid in three ways: this is a world-class performer at a competitive price tricky... The pressure before the hose adapte, rather than to the rex fill probe to connect it of water will! Fiber model # PY-A-4708 I purchased from you is not going to be filled with CO2, I need..., 24 in about 3000 psi the thread size of the time the tanks are older and in hydro. American grit, individualism, and a Marauder you might not even need to get the Texan big bore cal.